About NCE Aquaculture

NCE Aquaculture is a cluster that focuses on value creation and innovation associated with commercial production of farmed fish and seafood for the global market.

The cluster represents an industry with strong expertise, proud traditions and world leading companies in their respective business areas. There areas are important for further development of Norwegian aquaculture, and include production of fry and edible fish, processing, feed production, technology, health and environment, finance, research and training.

Since the 1970s the aquaculture cluster along the coast of Nordland has been involved in the creation of one of Norway’s most important export industries. The Norwegian aquaculture industry generates EUR 5,1 billion (2014) in export revenue, ensures settlement along the coast, and upholds many important values in society.

Aquaculture operators and companies related to aquaculture in Norway have for many years worked together closely and established an efficient cluster as a result of it. The companies’ broad competance base and professionalism ensure unique access to skills.
This provides a strong foundation for cooperation and unity in development, marketing, recruitment of competence, and in making an exciting and competitive aquaculture industry visible in the international market.